Socio-economic Conditions of RMG Workers: An Empirical Study on Selected Factories in Bangladesh

Uddin Mohammad Shihab


The readymade garment has been playing a remarkable role by earning largest foreign currency of Bangladesh where about 4,294 garment factories are continuing and providing employment of nearly four million workers; most of them, about 90%, are women hailed from rural areas. More than 81% of the foreign earnings are coming from this sector and considered as an inseparable part of countaries economic development. Needless to say, the garment factories have ameliorated the workers socioeconomic conditions. Hence, this study aims to oversee the socioeconomic conditions of the garment workers of Bangladesh. This study found that the workers are doing on average 12-13 h/day including overtime, but they earn average remuneration about BDT 6000-7000 per month. This study also shows that wages of the garment workers are still poor, economic condition is below standard, and their living condition is circled of poverty. It is notable that they face extreme hardships in obtaining their basic needs anyhow. This study recommends the inducing economic facilities to a great extent, to achieve garment workers’ satisfaction at the maximum level and ensure living condition properly.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 4(3), July 2018, P 127-135


Readymade Garment Workers; Economic Condition; Expenditures; Savings and Bangladesh

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