Attitude, Behavior, and Role of Different Agencies and Actors Concerning Child Rights: A Study on the Child Laborer in Bangladesh

Saiful Islam


The child labor issue is one of the prime concerns worldwide. It is one of the major problems in a developing country like Bangladesh. Children are the future of the country, but working children are deprived of proper rights, they are supposed to enjoy their childhood. This study attempts to portray current scenario in the physical, psychological, emotional, and cognitive demand of the child laborer undermined by various actors and agencies that interact with child laborer regularly. The prime objective of this study is to investigate the attitude, behavior, and role of different agencies and actors responsible for child laborer and how these experiences can contribute effectively toward the future actions for a child labor-free Bangladesh. The study is based on primary and secondary data. After collecting necessary data from secondary sources, a sample survey is conducted to collect primary data. Data are collected on the basis of a questionnaire, and the samples were drawn purposively. The significant findings of the study revealed that child laborer are the most neglected member of the society as well as his/her family. As a result, they are consistently becoming easy victims of all sorts of violence. Finally, this study suggests that child labor will be stopped by increasing social awareness and enforcing strict laws.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 4(3), July 2018, P 110-117


Child Labor; Child Rights; Awareness; Role; Social Spaces

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