Compose M-Sequences

Ahmad Hamza Al Cheikha


M-sequences (which formed a closed sets under the addition and with the corresponding null sequence formed additive groups and generated by feedback registers) are used widely at the forward links of communication channels to mix the information on connecting to and at the backward links of these channels to sift through this information is transmitted to reach the receivers this information in correct form, specially in the pilot channels, the Sync channels, and the Traffics channel. This research is useful to generate new sets of orthogonal sequences by compose. M-sequences with the bigger lengths and the bigger minimum distance that assists to increase secrecy of this information and increase the possibility of correcting mistakes resulting in the channels of communication.

Aus. J. Bus. Sco S. & IT. Vol 3(3), July 2017, P 119-126


Recurring Sequences; Characteristic Polynomial; M-sequences; Compose; Sequences; Orthogonal Sequences; Code; Minimum Distance

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